New Plugin Release: (v10.4.1) – Improved Backup Options Now Available on Transferito!

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We decided to add this feature because one of our users was having an issue completing their migration. The error message they were getting was –  “There has been an issue uploading your backup to our servers”

The error that the user received

Upon having a further look we understood that the method being used to backup the WordPress site has been disabled by the web host. We added better error reporting around this issue and added an option on the settings page – to allow the user to use another method to stop this from happening in the future.

The option added to the settings page

What is included in the release:

  • Better error reporting
  • Checkbox to bypass exec backup creation

We’re committed to continuously improving Transferito to meet your evolving needs and deliver a seamless experience. Your feedback and suggestions drive our development efforts, and we encourage you to reach out with any further enhancements you’d like to see.

Thank you for choosing Transferito. Stay tuned for more updates as we strive to make your processes smoother and more reliable than ever before.

Best regards, The Transferito Team

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