We’ve relaunched Transferito

So after months of good old hard grind, early mornings, late nights, blood sweat and tears. We’ve finally completed our rebrand and have re-launched the all new Transferito.

Making it better, faster and simpler for you to use. We’ve also decided to sneak in a few new features that’ll help to make migrating even easier for you. That we’re sure that you’ll love.

So what have we added:

The ability to save your transfer credentials

So to make it even quicker to create your transfer, you can choose to save your transfer credentials. That includes the ability to save your current web server FTP details, your destination web server FTP details and your database details. These are saved securely on our server, so that instead of re-entering them, every time you create a transfer. You can just click create transfer and instantly migrate your WordPress website.

Exclude the database when running a transfer

Want to transfer a WordPress installation but without the database? Well that is now possible. Just select the option to exclude the database then start your transfer and we’ll migrate your full WordPress site but without any changes to your database.

Transfer selected folders

There may be occasions when you only want to transfer parts of your WordPress site. For example you’ve modified a theme and multiple custom plugins. You want to transfer them over to your live web server but without migrating the full WordPress site. This is now possible on Transferito, you can also use it along side the exclude database transfer option. To migrate selected folders and not the database.

Create an installer package from a live web server to install locally

As WordPress developers ourselves, we know how often you need to pull down a WordPress website from a live web server. So you can start to work on it, in your local development environment. That’s why we decided to created a simple package, that you can download and unzip in a directory on your local development environment. Enter a few details and directly install an exact clone of your WordPress website locally.

Add your colleagues to Transferito

Now your whole team can use Transferito. As long as you have the correct plan. You can add as many team members as your plan allows and manage them from within your Transferito dashboard.

Desktop application

Creating a migration is quicker than most WordPress plugins and services but we thought why not make it even quicker! So now you can have all the benefits of Transferito directly from your desktop. You no longer have to install a WordPress plugin, or visit our web application to use our migration tools. Our desktop application is available on Mac & Windows.

On our desktop app you can do the following:
  • Transfer your local development environment to a live web server with the same options on our web interface.
  • Download a full WordPress website directly into a local environment. At the click of a button.
  • Re run a previous migration created on our desktop app with 1 click.

WordPress plugin updates

We’ve updated our WordPress plugin UI and you can now also create transfers directly from within the WordPress dashboard.

What we’ve got planned in the future?

We’ve got lots of cool new features to be added to our migration tools in our 2019 roadmap. So stay tuned to see what we’ve got in store for you.

Start using Transferito today, to take the hassle out of migrating your WordPress files and databases between web servers.

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